This page has been developed for the ISA student to better prepare themselves for the research and development of the International Interview Project. If you have a question about the software, you should look here first and try to answer your question. The links posted here will be tutorials of the software we'll be using, last year's radio documentaries, links to newspapers from around the world.

All of these should be used to help you build your project. Links will be added as needed.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bangladesh 2007

Listen to Bangladesh's radio documentary. What do you think of the information provided about the country?

Mexico 2007

Listen to Mexico's radio documentary. What does the sound add to project? What did they research?

Iran 2007

Listen to last year's Iran interview. Did they ask good questions? What about the country did they research?

Germany 2007

Listen to last year's Germany radio documentary. What are some of the questions they asked?

germany test

lets see again
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Monday, December 10, 2007

International Interview Project

This is the fourth year of the International Interview Project. Each year gets a new addition. For this year, the added piece to the puzzle will be this blog. This interview project starts off with a research paper about the country. There will be research links attached to this blog plus a handy MLA formatting guide. After you research the country, you set off and conduct your interview with your team. You record this interview and turn it into a digital story with pictures, sounds and narration. Some tutorials for the software will be posted on this blog. This is your resource, so use it well.